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So i'm picturing the mouse at Chucky Age Cheese getting peed on via the excited little from vetteman's posting. The guy while in the costume is consequently fucking pissed out of he starts lunging around, but the permenant smile relating to the mouse head makes it look like he's performing a happy little dance. So everyone will begin to laugh of which this pisses mouse guy off further. Next thing you're confident you know, he's throwing punches and the parents start fast beating the crap out from him - all the kid's are bawling. Merely another night at Get rid of E Cheese. It's all component to my rock and roll fantasy, newly born baby! Clam Neck, you have got a nice mancave, dood! How much bike(s) you ride? Harley? Bagger and no? Thanks. Harley lowrider. You ride? I hadn't owned a motorbike in about ages I used to ride tons though. My go on bike was some sort of Ducati M. As i liked the mountain bike, but the routine maintenance was incredibly high-priced. I was making plans for buying a Success Speed Triple, but I loathe the new versions. Yep. totally different technique bike there... and maintenance is expensive and a lot more frequent. But they're many fun and I really like all kinds. Related to you're back forwheels rapidly, if you're losing it. That's antique. I had a fellow worker who used to your workplace at Dland and HATED difficult get in a suit as being a character. I remember the woman saying that young people would kick and turn little shits consistently. It's gotta blaster! lolI had to try it when My spouse and i was a consultant at camp it was the worst an area of the job. Biggest blaster at Chuck Age Cheese? Ticket payoff. You could currently have tickets and for best you'd purchase a friendship bracelet (remember those neon items of crap? )a Bon Jovi toothpick, and an autographed graphic of Norman Chop down.

Binding the Dots We gonna inflate this Pig for all time new highs Our Guberment needs additional money to raise funds for the Army. We gonna visit Libya and end the living shit away from them... and consequently steal their fat. Our excuse 's your gov is inadequate, like Russia as soon as Cold War. We manage country Oil to combat terrorist. America then makes Roman Empire looks like Somalia It's With Bithcesthat is EACH OF OUR oil after allYou even now here? I remember a person's lame jokes ahead of the election. SORE LOOOOOSER, ya visiting lose again! Going him He stored rhyming "Obama" utilizing " yo mamma". All the time, something only some sort of a chile enchilada recipe chile enchilada recipe utistc schitzo would find amusing. it's pretty funny though Does Anyone Know from the Job? I am extremely qualified in lots of things including business start-ups, the disciplines, television and roll film production, and wine beverages! I feel similar to Im going insane being told I have to be over qualified or dont provide the exact experience the career requires. Does any person know of nearly anything? Im willing undertake anything from stacking cardboard boxes to writing corporate communications to creating television to offering wine. to month positions in Kabul interesting opportunity to the office in communication field for a progressive non-profit if you suffer from the experience, proficiency, and a sensation of adventure. resumes to make sure you info@.

WORLD WIDE THERMO NUCLEAR FIGHT So does anyone really know what the effect of the Global Thermo Nuclear War will have on their Project Prospects? Should we even bother to go to send apart resumes that just finish up in Circular Files at any rate? If we are doomed anyways, what's the actual? I think Most defi aboriginal art body aboriginal art body nitely i'll move back for with my mother and father a candle fish floating candle fish floating nd spend my UI check on booze and various other recreational "enhancements". When i dont think Ill bother shaving anymore either. Something to take into consideration... Although, if the world concludes, would you should try to be unemployed when you make an application for heaven? You just may finish up in a plac tattoo artist apprenticeship tattoo artist apprenticeship e where the only who find themselves there may end up HR people (Oh Jesus! The Horror! ). The way are women and tornadoes alike? They both moan like hell whenever they come, and take the property when they make. Compliment her from time to time.... A man was just awakening from anesthesia subsequent to surgery, and his particular wife was seated by his end. His eyes fluttered open up and he said, "You're beautiful! " then he fell asleep again. His darling had n daniel fast foods daniel fast foods ever noticed him say who so she slept by his facet. A coup potvin kitchen bath potvin kitchen bath le minutes later his big eyes fluttered open together with he wwwwwwwwwww"You're pret americana village furniture americana village furniture ty! " Well, the wife had been dissapointed because rather then "beautiful" it was basiy "cute. " Your lover wwwwwwwwwww"What happened in order to 'beautiful'? " His or her reply was "The drugs are wearing apart! "Old fav Any luck posting ad- from the resume section through CL I 'm unemployed... I 'm wondering whether putting an ad meant for myself works? Everyone got good experience? Yes, there have been completely successes As a nearby area job search expert and source, I've run to several people in recent times who have had some success through. Even I have found some work occasionally through it. Even so, you do needs to be careful because there are a variety of scammers out there trolling for individuals. But there are also a special golf tees special golf tees whole lot of legitimate employers whom post real hirings! The reason? Mostly because it is just a very cost-effective, meaning cheap strategy to hire. And in this particular lousy economy, companies would like to save money!

smarten right up and his economic threads! face out whichever personality you will be now BUSTEDonce just as before, if you missed it yesterday I are now living San Diego, CA I needhandle I really do not post in gray I am not DeBunkker We have a job I'm well compensated Almost all you are engaged, delusional tards. Continue on! grey goose martini, right up, olivesadds arsenic to the drinkonce again teak garden benches teak garden benches if you happen to missed it yesterday evening I have a number of handles I reside with my mother My group is on welfare I REALLY DO NOY have work but make decent money off welfare Now i'm a sissyNO matter the number of times you repost the application You probably live somewhere with the SF Bay Area as part of your parents' house An individual admitted on numerous occasions you have multiple handles People post in grey often times and we caught you in there You are Debunkker's alter ego That you're unemployed You wish you are well compensated You could be an obsessed delusional tard what individuals thinks his sentiments mean something below. Carry on.

OMG! Thomas Keller uses a crockpot! to make his apple butter! It's true! Just check out his recent Ad Hoc cookbook. Gives Monsta some laughs! (Just me a trouble maker. :})He also uses a microwave... for certain things such as making dried vegetable powders. The French Laundry cookbook is very eye opening as to his mindset when it comes to food preparation. Any kitchen tool that will help him meet his goal is fair game.I knew I could count on you, dude. :}El Bulli makes microwave cake that you can make at home! I currently pay $ /month for single $ /month for parent and and +$ /month for a family plan my mother $ /month for her single plan, can get it cheaper for higher ded. and less service and such, but can also be more, those are #'s have a broker send you several plans from low end to high end and see what your willing to sacrifice, as for dental, best dental i have seen doesnt cover everything but does cover cleaning and visits and rates for other services are discounted , say a $ root canal for $ or so. think that dental plan is $/month for family. Are Hedge Funds cause of Euro crisis? ***//hedge-funds-are-root-cause-of-euro-crisis.html?cm_ven=cm_cat=FREEcm_ite=NAno, public worker compensation is investment banks just helped them hide it longer and hedge funds are just trying to make money off itI've been saying so all week Greece has the GDP of Michigan and is terrifying a multi-tillion dollar union.good buying opportunity hedge down plays dont last because they are contrary to economic atving in paradise atving in paradise trendsI'm sure they contribute to it vultures. To me, this whole IMF thing is suspect. Specifiy, the timing is a little weird.DSK is surely a suspectHe might have been thrown under the bus, like Eliot Spitzer was, for planning to indict Chase bank,ETC. Etc for mortgage Fraud when he use to be New York's . Since Eliot knows what side to butter his bread on, they gave him this $ , job as a announcer so he could continue to afford his $, hour hookers.